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June 19, 2009

K-fx², Inc. – Employee Promotion

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Tonya Latino has been recently promoted to operations director for K-fx², Inc.  Latino has nine years experience in web design and development.  She previously served as an account executive. 

K-fx², Inc. Awarded Contract to Design Texas Roadhouse 2009 Conference Web Site

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K-fx², Inc. was recently awarded the contract to develop the national Texas Roadhouse 2009 Managing Partner’s Conference web site, 

K-fx², Inc. provided Texas Roadhouse with innovative tools to keep the conference attendees informed about conference details and the schedule.  The Content Management System (CMS), built for the web site by K-fx², Inc., enabled the Texas Roadhouse site administrators to make content and graphical updates instantly.  Mobile text messaging was also used to keep conference attendees in-the-know at all times.

K-fx², Inc. has been designing and hosting for Texas Roadhouse for the past seven years maintaining its main site,  Texas Roadhouse is a publicly traded company with over 300 restaurants that serve in 46 states, including Louisiana with locations in Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Bossier City, Harvey, Lafayette, Lake Charles and Slidell.


June 16, 2009

Harris County Flood Control District and K-fx², Inc. Prepare Community for 2009 Hurricane Season

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K-fx², Inc., a high-end conceptual design studio in Baton Rouge, LA, was selected again this year to produce a Hurricane Tracker internet application for the Harris County Flood Control District in Texas. This easy-to-use interactive program provides Harris County, a community of more than 3.7 million people that includes the City of Houston, with vital hurricane emergency tools and information. The Hurricane Tracker is being used by local television stations and even by NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The 2009 Hurricane Tracker features include: automatic hurricane track forecaster, live satellite feeds, hurricane and flood safety info, emergency contact info, etc. all packaged into one interactive program. Spanish versions are also offered. The 2009 Hurricane Tracker is being distributed on flash cards (mini CDs) at various community outlets and public events in Harris County and can also be downloaded or viewed, at no cost, directly on the District’s website,

June 6, 2009

SEO - Laying the bricks of success

Yesterday I tuned into a weekly webcast by Jim Morris of NicheBOT. Now, I have used NicheBOT on and off for the last few years, since he came out with his free keyword recommendation tool, but what I am just beginning to appreciate is the wealth of information that Morris has to offer from his years of SEO research and experience.

He made an analogy that I thought helpful to share. He compared a successful SEO compaign to laying bricks for a wall. Each link you build, each page of optimized content you write, is like laying another brick or slathering on a bit more plaster.

Continue this work every single day, and after awhile, inevitably, you’re going to have a pretty impressive result.

Stop this work for even a day, however, and you will have delayed the accomplishment of your goal. In other words, the wall simply will not build itself.

I like this analogy because, in my own experience, SEO is definitely more about brawn than brains.  To those who do not understand the basic principles, it may seem like magic. But in the end, even if you do not understand all the intricacies of Google’s ranking algorithm (and who does, really?) there are still some tried and true techniques that do not take a degree in rocket science to understand.

The hard part, like so many things in life, is just about “digging in,” as Jim Morris would say - adding a little more each day, and never giving up.

You can listen to the recorded webcast here: (For members only, but I believe he currently has a $1 trial membership available.)

Best of luck, fellow bricklayers!

June 4, 2009

Innovation is Obvious.

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Thought Tangents

It’s interesting how random comments throughout the day spark amazing avenues of thought.  Admittedly most of those thoughts lead off on tangents that may not be worthwhile (at the moment).  Occasionally however one of those seemingly blind alleys lead to the edge of new territory.  It’s at this edge that innovation can be found.  Today a random conversation between Wes and I led me off on a thought tangent that eventually centered on the concept of innovation and Copernicus.

Innovation & Copernicus

So what is innovation?  There are many definitions of innovation, however the concept I wish to convey can be summarized:  Innovation is a long journey to an obvious solution.  It may seem counter intuitive that innovative solutions are obvious, but that’s only because those solutions aren’t obvious to the majority of people until they gain in popularity (and therefore require people to study them).  In the time of Copernicus, for example, popular models of the universe were centered around the earth.  These theories are know generally as geocentrism.  And even today mathematical formulas based on geocentric principals are used by NASA to launch vehicles into space.  Geocentric models are complex and not obvious, therefore they are harder to understand.  Copernicus’ alternative theory, known as heliocentrism (sun centered universe) was an innovative model, and although it’s a simpler more intuitive model it was not widely adopted until after his death.  Today however heliocentrism is so widely accepted that even middle school children can build science fair models of our solar system based on it.

So what’s my point?  The point is that if we want to be ahead of the curve at Kfx2, if we want to out pace our competition, then we need to identify and implement innovative ideas before they become popular with the majority of our competitors.  If we can do this then we will force our competition to play catch up while we offer clients products that our competitors haven’t even attempted.

Moving Forward

The open source community has a number of hubs of innovative ideas.  Source Forge and Git Hub are two I can think of that have literally thousands of developers sharing open source ideas with the community at large.  There are English descriptions of most of the ideas/software.  I propose we not only use these hubs as sources of innovative ideas, but we actively contribute to open source solutions that we believe can be leveraged to our benefit for future projects.

It’s an idea,


June 3, 2009

K-fx² launches blog!

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We here at K-fx² in Baton Rouge often get so absorbed in our daily work that we don’t do enough to let our past clients know what we’re up to, and all the cool innovations we’ve come across!  For this reason we’ve taken a few steps recently to make our public “face” a bit more accessible through the use of Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, this blog.

As with the other social media tools we’ve been using recently, this blog will be made available to our full staff of web developers, graphic designers and project managers.  This way we will all be able to collaborate in sharing interesting new technologies we have discovered, or recent work we are proud to share.

Ideally we would like this blog to be a helpful resource for web developers, internet marketing specialists, graphic designers, or anyone else involved in this fascinating world of design and technology that we are grateful to be a part of.  So please - check back often as we hope to be updating the blog frequently with interesting, useful and hopefully entertaining content.