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August 3, 2010

K-fx², inc. Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for PacTec’s Global Expansion

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K-fx², inc. Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for PacTec’s Global Expansion

BATON ROUGE, LA  – K-fx², inc., a Baton Rouge-based new media design firm, flexed their technology muscles when they enhanced the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality of the PacTec, inc. web site, The SEO enrichment assists PacTec, inc., located in Clinton, LA, and a waste industry leader in the design and manufacturing of waste packaging and transportation, in their recent global market expansion initiative. To improve PacTec’s SEO visibility, K-fx², inc. first conducted a SEO analysis of the web site’s visibility in waste industry searches; then, K-fx², inc. provided SEO link building that improved the web site’s search visibility.

June 6, 2009

SEO - Laying the bricks of success

Yesterday I tuned into a weekly webcast by Jim Morris of NicheBOT. Now, I have used NicheBOT on and off for the last few years, since he came out with his free keyword recommendation tool, but what I am just beginning to appreciate is the wealth of information that Morris has to offer from his years of SEO research and experience.

He made an analogy that I thought helpful to share. He compared a successful SEO compaign to laying bricks for a wall. Each link you build, each page of optimized content you write, is like laying another brick or slathering on a bit more plaster.

Continue this work every single day, and after awhile, inevitably, you’re going to have a pretty impressive result.

Stop this work for even a day, however, and you will have delayed the accomplishment of your goal. In other words, the wall simply will not build itself.

I like this analogy because, in my own experience, SEO is definitely more about brawn than brains.  To those who do not understand the basic principles, it may seem like magic. But in the end, even if you do not understand all the intricacies of Google’s ranking algorithm (and who does, really?) there are still some tried and true techniques that do not take a degree in rocket science to understand.

The hard part, like so many things in life, is just about “digging in,” as Jim Morris would say - adding a little more each day, and never giving up.

You can listen to the recorded webcast here: (For members only, but I believe he currently has a $1 trial membership available.)

Best of luck, fellow bricklayers!