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August 25, 2010

Schlittz and Giggles Pizza Restaurant Selects K-fx², inc. for Web Site Design

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BATON ROUGE, LA- K-fx², inc., a Baton Rouge-based new media design firm, was bestowed the honor of augmenting the Schlittz and Giggles’ web site. The improved web site,, enables additional client base expansion for the downtown Baton Rouge restaurant.

July 20, 2010

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K-fx², Inc. Builds Web Site for New Orleans Company’s International Expansion

BATON ROUGE, LA (Date) – K-fx², Inc., a Baton Rouge-based new media design firm, continued exceeding client expectations with several additions to the SBS Migration web site,  SBS Migration, a New Orleans-based small business server upgrade firm, recently offered their services internationally. The web site currently allows SBS Migration to extend their services to more than 85 countries and looks to expand even further into the global market.

June 16, 2010

iPhone Application Development

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At K-fx2, we’re committed to growing with technology to meet our clients needs. We’ve stayed on the edge of emerging technologies, and we strongly believe in the groundswell that is building around mobile platforms.

So a few weeks ago I embarked on a trip to Houston to learn from an expert in the iPhone developer community.  I had the opportunity to be trained for a weekend by Nathan Eror, of Free Time Studios. The opportunity, was worth it’s weight in proverbial gold.

Having tried to learn Objective-C on my own in the past, I found it frustrating, and not worth the energy.  It was disappointing, because I’ve had 5 years of C++ in a Unix environment in college, but found the differences in syntax with Objective-C to be too frustrating.

After the Friday session with Nathan though, which he devoted entirely to language review and XCode power tips, I felt like a renewed man.  It’s amazing what kind of progress someone can make, when they have a knowledgeable teacher, great presentations, and large chunks of time to focus on learning.

Nathan’s explanations on memory management, and the differences between bracket notation and dot notation in Objective-C clicked immediately, where reading documentation behind the late night glow of my Macbook Pro made little progress.

Over the next two days we pushed out 10 exercise apps, and learned the basic concepts that go into developing useable applications. The final exercise app was a culmination of all of our learning, and resulted in an app that communicated with a remote API and displayed that data graphically on a Map using Map Kit.

I personally learned alot that weekend, and I’m excited about the future possibilites of developing iPhone apps.  I’ve grown to appreciate compiled languages again, and enjoy working on such a revolutionary platform.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with us and let’s build the next great app!

August 25, 2009

A Baton Rouge Tradition®, Pastime® Restaurant, Makes its Appearance on the Web with the Help of K-fx², Inc.

After 65 plus years in downtown Baton Rouge, the Pastime® Restaurant makes its presence known on the web at  The site tells the story of Pastime’s rich history and even has a photo gallery of past and present customers and friends.  In collaboration with K-fx², Inc., the Pastime® Restaurant web site was created to enable patrons to easily keep up with bands performing and other events happening at both Pastime Restaurants.  Fans of the restaurant can browse the Pastime menus, download them and even place orders online.  Most apparent throughout the site is the traditional Pastime motto…Good food, great atmosphere, good friends and great history.

In October of 2007, the Pastime was officially declared a Historical Landmark based upon the cultural contribution to the area.  In what began as a small grocery store in the 1920s, Pastime Restaurant has sustained its presence and grown into two successful locations.  The original Pastime Restaurant is located on South Blvd. in downtown Baton Rouge and Pastime Junior on Drusilla Lane in the Drusilla Shopping Center.

August 21, 2009

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge Enlists the Innovative Expertise of two Louisiana companies, K-fx², Inc. and Diane Allen and Associates

K-fx², Inc. and Diane Allen and Associates, a full service marketing and advertising agency, have teamed up with the Port of Greater Baton Rouge to improve the Port ‘s current site,  The Port of Greater Baton Rouge wants the new site to be a valuable source of information to its employees, partners, customers and the community.   As a leader among U.S. ports, the Port’s objective is to emphasize its importance to the economic development of Louisiana through its strategic location, versatile transportation offerings and shipping possibilities and excellent infrastructure. 

With a combination of innovative and creative design, the Port’s new site will be enhanced by providing a more user-friendly layout, quick informative links, current announcements and more interactive features, such as eNews for registered users.  The web site will also include improved features like aerial overviews of the facilities and current meteorological data.  The Port of Greater Baton Rouge is expected to unveil its new web site this Fall 2009.



July 28, 2009

Louisiana Association of Museums Launches New Site Developed by K-fx², Inc.

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Louisiana Association of Museums (LAM) recently launched its new web site,  This interactive resource, designed by K-fx², Inc., compiles a comprehensive directory of the museums and historic sites in Louisiana for local residents, tourists, and for museum professionals.


LAM’s web site showcases the K-fx² team’s creativity and innovation through its unique features, such as the interactive map of Louisiana, which allows you to plan a trip by clicking on different areas of the state to see all of the museums and historic sites within your desired radius. The web site also provides news and professional development opportunities to the museum community, hosts classifieds and forums for its members, and is the hub for museum events and exhibits.

July 17, 2009

K-fx², inc. – Employee Promotion

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Wes Ratcliff was recently promoted to IT manager for K-fx², inc.  Ratcliff has 12 years of programming experience and previously served as lead programmer.

July 14, 2009

Ready…Set…Click to Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones’ Web Site

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K-fx², inc. was exclusively selected to design the web site for Olympic hurdler, Lolo Jones.  Keep up with her quest to become the greatest female hurdler of all time at  Learn about the track and field star’s background, accomplishments, goals and dreams.  Sponsorship information is also available on the site.

July 8, 2009

K-fx², Inc. – Employee Promotion

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Justin Mascaro has been recently promoted to creative director for K-fx², Inc.  Mascaro previously served as lead designer and has 15 years experience in graphic design.

June 19, 2009

K-fx², Inc. – Employee Promotion

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Tonya Latino has been recently promoted to operations director for K-fx², Inc.  Latino has nine years experience in web design and development.  She previously served as an account executive. 

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