Services - Hosting

K-fx², Inc. Internet Security Outline

Insurance on Equipment:
            K-fx², Inc. has total replaceable coverage for all of its equipment and software. We also maintain strict security practices for all equipment and software. Multiple redundant backup systems are maintained daily in case of any hardware problems and recovery time is kept at a minimum if needed at all.

Credit Card Protection:
            K-fx², Inc. adheres to all current credit card processing standards, security certificates updates and credit card company requirements. We do not store any credit card information on any of our servers and follow all of the on line e-commerce approved encryption standards to insure all users protection.

Hosting Capabilities and Reliability:

-Connections to multiple Tier-1 Internet
providers including DS-0, DS-1, DS-3, 
OC-3, and OC-48
-Multiple, diverse fiber paths through several world class providers

ork Infrastructure
- All elements of the core network
   infrastructure are fully redundant
- All Cisco-Powered Network
- Network security and monitoring
- Staffed Network Operations Center
  24 x 7 x 365
- Fully redundant enterprise-class firewalls
- Real-time intrusion detection and
- Managed VPN Capabilities
- System monitoring and notification


Environmental Control and Fire Prevention
- Non-water based FM-200 fire
  suppression system
- Fully redundant and zoned air
  handling systems
- (5) Five air handlers that can deliver
  750 tons of cooling
- (3) Three 250-Ton Chillers

Physical Security

- On-site 24 X 7 x 365 monitoring
- Video surveillance cameras throughout
  the facility (inside and outside)
- On-site security guard on duty at all times
- Biometric scanners and access card
   required for entry to all data center areas
- Bullet-resistant walls and glass
- Man-trap areas at all entrances to all data
   center areas
- Floor space, rack space or caged space
   available as desired and/or required


- Fully-redundant power circuits and
  UPS battery back-up to each rack
- (3) Three One-Megawatt dedicated
  diesel generators with over three days
  of onsite-fuel
- Fuel contracts for longer-term outages